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Property Services serves the central valley from Southern Stanislaus County to Northern San Joaquin County and west to the San Francisco East Bay.

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With more than 30 years of experience in commercial, retail and industrial property management, we are an industry leader in property management. Our services help your property grow in value and in income. With a dedicated team of individuals to help maintain and build upon the growth of your property, we are the best choice for property management in the Central Valley offering the following services:


Commercial Property Management
Commercial & Residential Property Management
Property Services manages commercial, retail and light industrial square footage, ranging from 6,000-75,000 square feet as well as recently added residential properties.
Leasing & Sales
Leasing  and Sales
Property Services offers leasing services to existing clients coupled with management, if this fits the needs of the client.  We also are open to working with outside brokerage companies if this best suits the client.  This allows for creativity and teamwork.
Property Inspections
Property Inspections
Property Services inspects each of our managed sites at a minimum of twice monthly, to ensure obvious maintenance issues are resolved before the potential of liability.  Most often, these inspections include tenant visitation.
Rent Collection
Rent Collection
The bookkeeping department of Property Services enforces lease clauses with regard to due date, penalties for rents not paid before the grace period expires, and subsequent work with legal council if necessary due to non-payment of rent.
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
The bookkeeping department of Property Services ensures timely payment of payables for services performed.  This department monitors cash flow and is responsible for requests to property owners for contributions should the need arise in order to make timely payments.
Tenant Rapport & Visitation
Tenant Rapport and Visitation
Visitation occurs frequently during property inspections.  Tenant rapport is one of our most valuable attributes.  When relationships develop, it allows for less stressful situations when those difficult moments arise, particularly when enforcing lease parameters. 
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Commercial Property Management
Susan M. Batty, RPA, FMA
Broker/Property Manager
Residential Property Management
Danielle M. Leonardo
Licensed Sales Agent/Property Manager